Postdoctoral Position in Nanostructured Surfaces for Interfacing with Live Cells
Naval Research Laboratory
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Post Date: Jan 24, 2018
Job Type: Full time
Start Date: May/June 2018
Salary: ~$77,000
Location: US - District of Columbia - Washington
Job Reference: - n/a -
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A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Marc Raphael in the Biosensors and Electronics Section of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC.  Our research focuses on the development of quantitative techniques for cellular and molecular biology that merge state-of-the-art nano- and micro-lithography with traditional light microscopy, with a particular focus on wound healing applications.   Live cell based programs currently include (1) the use of plasmonic nanostructures for the spatio-temporal mapping of protein and exosome secretions from individual cells in real time and (2) nanopatterned surfaces for directing cell migration and investigating surface adhesion mechanisms.


The successful candidate must be interested in multi-disciplinary research.  Experience in several of the skill sets listed below is highly encouraged and motivation to learn new skills is critical. 


Cell Biology and Data Analysis

Cell culturing, live cell microscopy (fluorescence, phase contrast, DIC), Matlab.


Techniques in preparing surfaces for conjugation and reproducible biofunctionalization with antibodies, peptides and DNA. Characterization with surface plasmon resonance, localized surface plasmon resonance and fluorescence.

Micro and Nanolithography

Optical lithography, reactive ion etching, electron beam nanolithography, electron beam and thermal evaporation based thin film deposition, scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy.


Career Development

We place special emphasis on the career development of our postdocs. Every effort is made to match each postdoc’s career goals with the skill sets acquired at NRL.  We also provide funding for courses and workshops, allowing our postdocs to branch out into new areas of interest or gain additional expertise in a particular discipline. 


Representative Publications and Links:

  2. D. Raghu, J. A. Christodoulides, J. B. Delehanty, J. M. Byers, M. P. Raphael,  A Label-free Technique for the Spatio-temporal Imaging of Single Cell Secretions  J. Vis. Exp. (105), e53120, doi:10.3791/53120 (2015).
  3. M. P. Raphael, J. A. Christodoulides, J. B. Delehanty, J. P. Long, J. M. Byers, Quantitative Imaging of Protein Secretions from Single Cells in Real Time, Biophysical Journal, 105, p.602 (2013).
  4. M. P. Raphael, J. A. Christodoulides, J. B. Delehanty, J. P. Long, P. E. Pehrsson, J. M. Byers, Quantitative LSPR Imaging for Biosensing with Single Nanostructure Resolution, 104, p.30 Biophysical Journal (2013).


Availability: Requires a proposal due in February 2018 on which the PI and prospective postdoc work together.

Salary: ~$77k/year with health benefits plus travel allotment.  This program is administered by the National Academy of Sciences:


NRL is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants must be US Citizens or US Permanent Residents at time of application.


To apply, interested applicants should email a 1) CV and cover letter and 2) the names of two references familiar with the applicant’s research work to Dr. Marc Raphael.


Dr Marc P. Raphael

Research Physicist



Contact Details
Name: Marc Raphael
Address: Naval Research Laboratory
City: Washington
State/Province: District of Columbia
Zipcode: 20375
Country: United States
Ph: 2027676096
FAX: 2027676096

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